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Explanation of Xcode 4 templates

May 20, 2014

Explanation of Xcode 4 templates

The Xcode plugin for PNaCl that i was trying to write is not even semi-automatic. It has lots of manual stuff that needs to be set (like PNaCl SDK paths).  I have no idea how to debug (P)NaCl code from within Xcode and i am not even sure if this will be possible. Apparently google folks are working on the IDE for PNaCl.  That are the reasons that i have not done much about it recently – i do not think it would ever be useful to anybody. There is one more reason i have not done much about it: it allows to compile C++ code to PNaCl from within Xcode, so i was busy porting the code i wanted to port. But today i wanted to play with the Portable SIMD Vectors in PNaCl and i needed a standalone project to do this. And it turned out that i did not write any templates, so i  am going to play with templates to ease one-off test projects. Fortunately there was a guy who did the hard work so i can “stand on the shoulder of giants” 😉