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June 4, 2013

Today I made my first move to have a blog. I plan to write about the stuff I do. Because I am a computer geek there might be something technical stuff. Because I like fishing, there might be some fishing stories as well.

There were a few reasons to do start a blog:

  1. I recently tried to solve a problem at my work and could not find a solution. I spent some time trying to solve and I think I would like to share what I have done.
  2. To promote myself. There are some companies and some jobs that require You to have a solid fingerprint in the Internet.
  3. Improve my writing in English skills. Since English is not my first language (I love this euphemism, used by natives in situations where my English really didn’t shine) it would be nice to exercise it a bit. Feel free to correct me (although spell checker does a good job, I believe).

I hope this blog will thrive and will be updated from time to time and that I will have motivation to do something more than putting under construction sign. This happens to too many sites, expressing short lived zeal.

It would be nice to have a commitment at this point. Ok. I will write a subpage introducing myself ( can’t promise it will be interesting ) and I will present a solution on how to integrate unit tests that use CPPUnit framework in Xcode (SenTesting framework).